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Originally Posted by neilg197 View Post
First of all, many congratulations to all the prize winners, especially Rachel, Josh, Melissa and Gerry. Amazing transformations and worthy of first prize.

Personally, I'm naturally very very very disappointed not to have made a further prize, as I honestly believe my transformation was more than worthy of it. At the end of the day, Craig's readers and my own network couldnt secure me enough agreeable votes. The U40s was already very competitive with myself Josh and Adam, and Rob came onto the scene out of nowhere to secure the final prize. Perhaps I was a year too young to win a prize as I feel if I was in the over 40s I would have given Gerry a good run for his money too!

I took a bit of time to get going and what I achieved in basically 8 weeks for me was special. I now have a great body when before it was just good old healthy and working. I achieved my primary goal which was to strip my body of a lot of its fat. I now need more muscle on my frame.

Another thing I can take credit on is how much mentally stronger I feel right now, so much so that I feel I can do things that I struggled with 12 or so months ago. If I'd had a disappointment like this back then, I'd probably have been crying into a beer or bottle of wine. I feel I handle things much better now. We'll see how I get on these next 6 months or so which I know will be tough.

I now move onto the next phase of my life and personal transformation with confidence. I can do it, do it well, and next time I'll do it better still.

Many thanks to all who voted for me and for all the support along the way.


Heya Neil.. Don't be disappointed man.. I know.. who wouldn't want some cash and a platinum pass.. but nothing can take away your really have inspired me so much especially in the last 6 weeks of the contest.. prize or no are a winner..and have the abs to prove it!! xDeb
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