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So nice to get home (even though 11:30pm is a little late for me) and to sleep in my own bed...and go to my regular gym.

Lots of stuff to do to get ready for the next 2 weeks...I go to San Diego (Fitness Mastermind meeting), Denver (ETR filming), NYC - seminar, Toronto for an eye doc visit, and then back to Denver for a cool Home Workout Live Broadcast on Sunday, May 19th. Stay tuned for more details!

TT Business Expenses
$10 - Boingo wireless monthly subscription (for airports)
$426 - DVD and newsletter printing and mailing
$269 - Dan Kennedy newsletter subscription
$497 - for next year's Dan Kennedy SuperConference registration (they offer a discount for signing up next year...I do the same at the TT Summit)
$44.95 - video hosting

Discretionary Spending

Money Saved today
$20 on an Amazon book that I didn't buy...I've put myself on an Amazon ban. I have dozens of books (probably 50 or more) that are just waiting to be read. So no more for the 12 week transformation.
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