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Amazing day here in Toronto. Just about to head to airport for Orlando.

Business Expenses
$1000 - contract worker (marketing)
$943 - Shawna Kaminiski, CTT, filming expenses
$926.60 - Accountant fees
$1492 - Monthly webmaster fees
$70 - Car to airport (I live a long way from the airport)
$55 - Taxi from Airport to Hotel (not close!)
$240 - UPS to send contest winner checks

Wasted Business Expenses because of forgotten laptop
$4 - airport internet
$289.76 - to fedex forgotten laptop

All necessary! No waste here.

Discretionary Spending
$18 - drycleaning
$10 - protein bars for weekend (Elevate Me based, not great, but at the seminar I'm attending there will be nothing but junk)
$46 - groceries in florida (fruit, vegetables, salad, waters, almonds) - thank goodness there was a fridge in my room...this grocery run has saved me at least $100 ... making the computer issue a little less painful

NOTE: one of the problems traveling from Canada to US is that I can't take F&V with me on a apples, no raw almonds, nothing. And I've been threatened with a $1500 fine before just because I had ONE apple - that I bought in an airport! So that means I have to hit a grocery store on the ground each time I cross the border...otherwise, I'd pack a lot more stuff from home.

Money Saved today

Good News

According to my accountant, I'm due for a tax refund of $9536. Of course, that means I've been "over-lending" the government a lot of money for the last 12 months. None of this refund will be wasted.

Travel time,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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