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Originally Posted by PeterJankowski View Post
Nice post Craig. But I'm struggling a little bit to understand what you are aiming to achieve in the next 12 weeks as well.
Are you aiming to become tight with your money in all facets of your life now or are you going to try and be less frugal when it comes to none travel related expenses etc? (I would have bought the $1000 bike by the way but that's how I roll). Or are you just trying to find a better balance between your inner saver and inner spender?
Your post has made me seriously (and I mean really seriously this time) contemplate entering this competition. It's a big call for me as I would be leaving behind my Renegade workouts for 3 months so it's not a decision that I'll make lightly.
However if I do join I would use it as a tool to keep me accountable with several things. If nothing else my 21 day sugar detox thread taught me the power of accountability. That thread kept me on track on a number of occasion that I may have otherwise fallen off the horse.

If I do decide to enter it would assist me in the following:
1) I want to finally get down to 10% body fat (something I've gotten very close to but never actually achieved).
2) Inspired by a recent Leo Babauta I want to start to write daily.
3) To log my progress with my journey to start a PT business.
4) Nail down my diet which has the propensity to get off track on occasion.
So there it is. I'll make a decision shortly. These are all things I can achieve without entering a transformation competition but I know myself and think this may assist me.
But anyway no firm decision made yet. Although even writing this has helped with my decision making process.
Thanks for the inspiration.
To be continued.....?
Peter-I think the accountability of these contests is paramount in helping to achieve goals. It certainly helped me. I will be joining #17 to start and improve some habits. Your list looks kind of long. Don't overwhelm yourself. Looks like #17 is going to be quite inspiring. Looking forward to all of our successes. Concetta
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