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Default Brian's Final Results

Turbulence Training Transformation Contest #8 essay entry:
Transformation dates: 5/3/2010 – 7/25/2010
Body Measurements:
5/3/2010 _____________ 7/25/2010
Height- 5’ 10”__________ 5’ 10”
Weight- 171 lbs________ 177 lbs
Waist- 34.25”__________ 34”
Neck- 15”______________15.25”
Chest- 37.5”____________38.75”
Hip- 36.5”_____________ 34.5”
Lats- 38”______________ 41”
Thighs- 23.25” R&L_______ R- 24.5”, L- 24.75”
Calves- R- 15.25”, L-15.5”__R- 15”, L- 15.25”
Biceps- R- 14”, L-13.75”___ R- 14.25”, L- 14”
Wrist- R- 7”, L- 6.75”______ R- 7.25”, L- 7”
Forearm- R- 11”, L- 10.5”__ R- 11.25”, L- 11”

Date: 8/4/2010

It has been ten days since my official finish of TTT contest #8 so I have had time to reflect on the past 3 months. Overall, I enjoyed participating in the contest as my first introduction to Turbulence Training. It has been tough and requires a lot of planning and dedication but it’s worth it. I have continued with my workouts since the end of the transformation contest and I don’t intend to stop.

My wife has been following TT programs since December 27th 2009 and has lost 23 pounds since the start of TTT contest #7 while getting much stronger. She encouraged me to participate after seeing couples in the previous contest, and has been helpful in getting me acclimated to Turbulence Training. I think the encouragement and example we provide for one another will help us to continue toward our fitness goals. Together, we have been making an effort to improve our nutrition, especially over the past few months. My goals are very different from hers. I want to gain weight (muscle) so I eat more calories and don’t do as much interval training as she does.

I have worked out with weights sporadically since high school. I began weight training to improve my performance in sports like basketball, soccer, and track and field. I designed my own programs and did a pretty good job following them for 2-6 months at a time, at which point I would stop, only to start back up 6 months to 2 years later. I always wondered why I repeated this cycle and could not consistently follow a workout program. I would blame it on an injury that got me off track or on too many other things going on in my life to have time for exercise. Now I think I know what the answer is. LACK OF RESULTS. I never got the results I wanted from working out. I followed my programs and drank a lot of protein drinks and gained weight. I saw the weight gain as progress because I thought I was adding muscle. I had heard somewhere that to gain muscle, you have to add some fat. During one of these workout cycles, about 7 years ago, I weighed as much as 195 pounds. When that workout cycle ended, I slowly returned to my base weight of about 170 pounds. Clearly, not much permanent muscle gain there.

I now realize that my real problem has been the ineffective workouts that I planned for all those years. My workouts consisted of the “traditional” pairings of: Day 1- chest and back, Day 3- biceps, triceps, and shoulders, Day 5-Legs. I alternated different exercises from Week A to Week B and continued these bodybuilder-style workouts until I was bored, got injured, or distracted by life.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) about 2 1/2 years ago. Basically, the valves in the veins of my legs don’t carry the blood back to my heart as efficiently as they should. I had to have two surgeries to remove some veins and close off others. Following the surgeries and recovery periods, I had a difficult time with leg fatigue and feeling that my balance was off. I enjoy athletic activities and it was difficult for me to feel like I would never be able to perform like I used to. Even after the surgeries, my condition didn’t improve at all over the next year. In fact, my balance was getting worse.

I had not done much weight training in the period after the surgeries. I wasn’t overweight and I felt I got enough exercise from walking our two dogs and doing yard work. When my wife began Turbulence Training workouts at the end of December 2009, it motivated me to begin working out again. I started in January 2010 by planning the same old workouts I had always followed. Even though my wife encouraged me to join her in Turbulence Training, I was resistant. I didn’t think I needed a new program and I had seen her covered with sweat following her workouts. At the time, I didn’t feel like I needed to work that hard.

I observed her over the course of TTT contest #7 and saw that she was getting the results she wanted while I wasn’t. I made the decision to join her in the TTT contest #8. The Turbulence Training workouts were a lot different from the ones I had been doing. There were more exercises, more sets, and super sets. There was much greater variety in exercises due to changing workouts every 4 weeks. These workouts only required a little more time but a lot more sweat! The funny thing is that I enjoy them. I actually look forward to working out and just don’t feel right if I have to miss or postpone a workout for some reason. I am now addicted to Turbulence Training.

Since I began Turbulence Training in May, I am the strongest I have ever been. I have added muscle and lost fat. My body weight is up 6 pounds and I know it has to be muscle because my hip and waist measurements (places I normally store fat), have decreased in size while my chest and lats have increased. I am motivated by seeing the amount of weight I use for exercises increase from week to week. In fact, we had to purchase three new sets of dumbbells because we were both progressing in our weights. My balance and leg strength have improved significantly-not surprisingly, my legs are now more muscular and less flabby. I have noticed that working out positively affects my mood and helps get the day off to a great start. My wife and I have become workout partners and enjoy supporting each others’ fitness goals. I am enthused about continuing with Turbulence Training and seeing what else we can accomplish.
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Strong is the new skinny!

You can't out-train a bad diet.

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I've been at this a while-all last year in fact!

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