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Originally Posted by Craig Ballantyne View Post
Great work. Dr. Stuart McGill recommends walking for back pain relief.

Studies have shown that brisk walking with arm swinging produces less load on the spine than the slower “mall walk” without the arm swing.
I would agree with him .... was away on the hiking trip no back pain at all - back one day (& was having a lay day all sitting) & started to feel it tighten etc.

Have found my rhythm to look after mine walking/standing much of the day with rest breaks keeps my back & me in perfect health

despite all the food i was being fed on my lux-hiking trip (lux being i did not have to carry or cook food except my lunch etc) I managed to lose weight ... nice side benefit.

Now the countdown to my next trip in April

Mini challenges this week:
Keep with the healthy brekkie ( so easy to slip after being away)
No choc snacks till after 5pm ( it is the season after all)
1-3L water daily - cuts down temptation for coke & ginger beer even with 90+% humidity

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