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Originally Posted by thebestme View Post
What is this flap of which you speak? No c-sections here and yet I think maybe I still have it? There is a line in my pix with pooch hanging over.

Anyway, well done figuring out about going it alone. My husband fasted only once. I so wish I could get him on board but he just does his own thing and doesn't want to hear it!
The flap begins right about the scar (the scar is the indent). It's low enough that it doesn't overhang any normal clothing (but would on the right underwear). It appeared after the first c-section and then was worse after the second. It never went away between the two pregnancies, either - even though I was back to pre-baby weight and had no such flap to start.

As for the fast - this one was breezy! I accomplished my main goal yesterday - no junk - then I carried through today with my goal of not letting ESE be an excuse to eat junk after-the-fact. No junk in 2 days. Mind over matter. ESE is the bomb. And now I'll be closing the day with a green smoothie. Yum!

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