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It's a dreary Monday. Finally NOT 90C out, though. Whew! I've seen some of you suffering through extreme cold; I know we'll be there soon enough (well, cold for North Carolina) so I'm actually fine with the heat at this point. Rain is what we need and we are getting some right now.

I'm working at home this morning - well, about to start working - and I'm doing ESE. I typically don't like the evening to evening fasts, but thought that doing so would help keep me out of the kitchen this morning while I'm at home. That kitchen pulls me to it when I work...and sometimes I succeed in closing the cupboard before it's too late. The unconscious, mindless part is what ESE helps get me through.

So, it's actually going well. I've been fasting for about 14 hours now and will be soon reaching the magical "18 hour" mark. This afternoon will be easy as I will be in the office at that point - and then I'll be busy in the early evening w/ parent-tot swimming with the 2-year-old. Then when we get home, the fast will be done.

The pants problem has expanded. Three different pairs of capris slide down quite low and I have to continuously tug them up. If I tie a scarf through the belt loops it works okay - but if I forget before I leave the house, I find myself carrying a 2-year-old with my pants precariously close to falling off (like they were this morning).

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