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Wednesday, 22 September 2010
Day 53 of 365, 19 days of fighting out of 75 goal
Day 5 of 84 of TC 9

Today was a hectic day as I was working at home and looking after my Daughter in the afternoon when she came home from school. I had to squeeze in a weight lifting session and tonight was fight practice over in Buffalo.

Fortunately my body did not fail me.

I continue to learn that I lost a lot of strength with my long break since July. I will never let myself make that mistake again. For next year I need to plan a recovery program for post Pennsic so I am back into the gym as soon as safe after the fatigue of two weeks of camping and fighting.

Since this is my first week with TT 4 x 4 workouts I did a reduced number of sets. Today was the B workout which is upper body.

I would have skipped the fight practice but a friend was driving 2 hours to attend it with me and they have to arrange the time off two weeks in advance.

Day 2 – Workout B

1A) Military Press – 3x8 (2-0-1) 8 @ 60 and 70
1B) Wide-Grip Barbell Row – 3x12 (2-0-1) 8 @ 90, 12 @ 70
• Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

2A) DB Chest Press – 3x12-15 (2-0-1) 12 @ 55
2B) V-grip Pullup – 3 sets going 1 rep short of failure (2-0-1) 1, 2 (regular pull-ups – pathetic)
• Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

Optional 4x4 Ab Circuit Did one circuit
3A) Stability Ball Plank – 45 seconds
3B) X-Body Mountain Climber – 10 per side (1-0-1)
3C) Stability Ball Jackknife – 20 reps (1-0-1)
3D) Side Plank – 30 seconds per side
• Rest 1 minute and repeat 1 more time.

So I have a lot of work to do to get my strength back up and then increase it. I have done it before and I will do it again.

At fight practice we were a pretty even field. The turn out was smaller than normal and only one Knight, Sir Cameron. There were six of us in armour and I crossed swords with everyone. I am moving more now and the new gorget and helm are working better. I still need to repad the helm. I need to buy a smaller gorget but the current one will work for now.

I worked on my forehand power and bit on dodging otherwise it was not a very focused practice.

There is a new fighter there Crystal, and I spent some one on one time with her. She is fighting a different style that me. She has her sword back on the shoulder and the sword leg forward (the later common for Women). So it was a challenge to teach her. So I stuck to the basic flat snap. She has had four days in armour and wants to do wraps and stepping of the line for off body shots. All nice stuff but lets work on the fundamentals first. I got her pointing her sword in the right direction and greatly increased her power and her speed. I decided to copy her stance, despite not having female hips, and it was educational for me.

I had a piece of the local Baron’s birthday cake. Since I am the neighbouring Baron I felt somewhat obligated to celebrate his special day. Yes that is the reason. I figure this can be my cheat snack for the week so I indulged in a small bag of Lay’s potato chips at the Delta Sonic on the way home.
Niagara Falls, ON
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