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Originally Posted by Evaki View Post
Seems to me like you are doing great so far! I'm especially impressed with how you manage to get in your workouts on such a difficult schedule and how you constantly say no to unhealthy foods that are offered you or very close to you... and good on you for "getting back on the horse
Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the kind words and support!

Originally Posted by Evaki View Post
also glad you liked the mango I love mango! But often they're too soft or too hard.. :-/ Have you tried any new fruits or veggies since?
I hear you with the mango. I think the last day it was too soft. I haven't tried any new things this week, as I only had time to buy staples when I was at the store last. I also haven't had any fruit in my diet this week, so no room for experimentation there. I'm looking forward to adding fruit back very much.

Originally Posted by Evaki View Post
aaand I totally get what you wrote about being trained to find faults/what's wrong and how that is transfered into how you look at your own fitness journal etc. When dancing all we did was look for faults, it's a pattern that's hard to break out of!

Hope you feel better from the cold soon!
It's funny how that works, isn't it? It's one thing I dislike about my job is that it teaches me to look for negatives, and I would much rather find positives. Ah well, so's the cost of helping people.

I'm feeling almost fully recovered from my cold as of today, thanks I hope you have a good week in your fat loss/fitness journey.

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