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Default Looking forward to TT10

Such a positive post. I love your enthusiasm. Each day I am getting more and more excited about the TT 10 contest and the realisation that this is something I can do.

Sounds like things are mad for you at the moment. Hopefully they will settle down soon. If not at last TT and eating right will give you energy to deal with it all : )

I imagine along the way of the TT 10 contest I will have to be ready for the nay sayers. 'come out for one drink? just one? why are you eating rabbit food? go on have a cake you only live once (yeah but what a shorter life that will be if I continue to at junk!)

It will be hard at times but keeping focused on my goal is what matters.

On the looking like Arnold note - I have girl friends that really don't get the lifting weights malarky. I keep telling them about TT workouts. But they insist on running for hours on end. crazy to me. they think they will bulk up with weights. I'm like my choice seems to be being chubby or lean. I'm definately going for lean. hopefully I can change their minds when they see my finished transformation!

well done on your results in TT 9!

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