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9.5, awesome!!!

Originally Posted by John Magovern View Post
Workout Title: TT Metabolic Hybrid 1.0 (April 2016)

Ranking Out of 10: I'm giving Case Nance's first at bat a 9.5! It's a master workout of simple beauty.

Your age (range) and gender: 48 year old male.

Your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced): I'll call myself an adanced intermediate.

Personal limitations (e.g., injury, equipment, limited schedule, etc.) I'm still recovering from a low back injury from last year. My schedule varies greatly. Because I work twelve hour shifts or more, I have more days off during a given week. So I'm either very short on time or have plenty of time on a given day.

Workout Positives: The big exercises(Bench, Squat, RDL) are included in DB form, which allows just about anyone to implement this workout. Also the setup for these has short rest periods, which reduces the weight used somewhat and thus reduces risk of injury. All while building some strength.

You then move into classic TT non competing tri-sets, that are deceptively difficult and work off of the initial strength exercise. For instance I noticed that the trap activation in the DB Squats on day one, adds difficulty to the planks and rocking planks later in the workout.

The workouts are also quick, hard hitters that allow me to get in my gym work my butt off and move on with my day. This helps, because I have to do a real long back warmup.

Workout Negatives: I'm trying to find a criticism, but I really can't.

Exercise Substitutions/Changes Used: I eventually had to add range of motion to the Glute Bridges to increase difficulty. Subb'd Chest Supported Row for the Bent Row because of my back.

Who Would You Recommend This Workout To (e.g., pressed for time, don't have access to a full gym, looking to build better balance, looking to build "show" muscles, etc.): Definitely for someone pressed for time. This puppy is a quick hard hitter that will leave you sweaty and pumped.

TT Workout Done Prior to This:TTFL Intermediate 2011 update

TT Workout to be Done Next:Peter J's Meathead workout.

Other Comments:I have to admit prior to this workout I had some difficulty being consistent with a workout due to my back issue. But the brevity of this workout has me currently on my sixth week without a missed workout. I really enjoyed Metabolic Hybrid. My thanks to Chase!
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