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Default TT Adrenaline Workout B1

I should have mentioned that my current body fat percentage (according to Navy circumference method) is 26%. Considering I started out at 35% back in September of 2008 when I started exercising regularly, I am feeling a lot better about where I am now! I don't really care too much about how accurate that percentage is relative to gold standard methods of body fat percentage, I'm just focusing on using a consistent method to track my progress.

After my warm-up exercises, I did my first Adrenaline workout B, just one set to start.

Lunge jump (w) 3, 6/side
Inchworm (w) 3, 6
DB 1-arm swing (w) 3, 10/side

Bulgarian split squat 1 1/2 reps 10/side
stability ball jackknife pushup 15
DB swing 15lbs/20 reps

Stability ball jackknife plank 60s
5m shuttle sprint 8s/12s x 3

Stretched 10 minutes

I have three nutrition goals for the contest:

1. Eat 6-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day
2. Eat nuts at least once a day
3. Eat 1700 cal per day, with a higher calorie day every 5 days

I'll work on reporting on these goals for each day rather than tracking all my meals here. I also keep a food journal in a notebook that I leave near my place at the table so I don't want to make this too time-consuming.

Yesterday, Monday May 3
Goals met: 1, 2 Not met: 3 (~2200 cal)
I took a friend out to lunch for her birthday, but didn't know where we were going so I couldn't really plan ahead. I got a half portion salad but ate a really yummy sweet potato roll, so that did some major damage to the day (~700 calories total).

Tuesday May 4
Goals met: 1, 2, 3 (~1700 cal)
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