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Default Day 6 = Not so Hot

Oh, day 6, how I loathe thee.

that about sums it up, lol.

So, I had 2 nightmares last night (very interesting ones, but still nightmares that woke me from my sleep) and I didn't sleep well, so I kind of started the day off on the wrong foot, feeling really tired and sluggish all day.

I tried to put this behind me, ate a great breakfast; 3 applegate sausage links, 1 kiwi, 1 apple. I wasn't hungry enough for anything else.

Did my daily work chores (joy), ran 1 call....

Got back, ate lunch (3 oz turkey breast, spinach salad with tomato, celery, carrots, rasp viniagrette dressing).

Did more of the work thing, got another call; took some almonds with me to eat since I was starting to get hungry.

This is where I began to meet problems.

We ended up stuck out for a long time, and made it back a few minutes after we were scheduled to get off work. I had a meeting to go to that I needed to not be late for, so I had no time to make my salad, and especially no time to eat it having to drive 45 minutes to my meeting. The meeting was supposed to be about 3 hours long so I knew I'd never make it thru without food, so I ended up getting fast food. I feel okay about it, in the grand scheme of things because it's only one meal and I've done well sticking to my diet (minus a few hersheys kisses). I only got one cheeseburger, so I stayed within my daily calories, but I've been trying to pick higher quality foods with less fats in them.

This has led me to some research, and I'm going to look at a lot of the different fast food places I end up passing when in time crunches like this or when stuck out without food to find the healthiest all-around menu options so that I at least have a bit more control over it than I did today. I have an "eat this, not that" book at home, and I should probably pack that into my work bag or at least leave it in my car. Anyone come across any good guides that give you all the info that are pocket-sized?

I've been thinking about making a list of the "healthiest" (of course that's a loose term when it comes to fast food) menu options in a .doc form and putting it on my blackberry. Anybody done that? I figure it will at least ensure I know what I'm eating.

I used to eat out a LOT, so in the grand scheme of things, one cheat meal isn't going to kill me, I'm doing so much differently than I used to anyway. It's really one thing in my life that I probably should plan on happening once a week because of how busy I am.

Anyone have any good "on the road" healthy meal ideas? I have to eat a lot while driving on days like today, and all the foods I eat now require refridgeration or require prep/both hands (like salads, soups, etc).

Anyway, went to my meeting, which went okay. All in all, it wasn't a terrible day, but probably my worst day so far. I just remind myself of what Winston Churchill once said "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm". It's a failure to me because I had to deviate from my meal plan (and hence one of my goals for the week), but that just gives me all the more reason to greet tomorrow with enthusiasm, and pick up where I left off.

No workout tomorrow either, as I'm on a Wed/Fri/Sun schedule, but I don't have any road blocks to my meal plan for the next week like I did today (that I know of, anyway! Never know in life I guess) so I'm planning for success. New goal: remainder of week 1 and all of week 2 without a meal plan deviation. Based on my schedule now, that should be an attainable goal.
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