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Thumbs up Garth: My Wife Got Pregnant but I got Fat….

My Wife Got Pregnant but I got Fat….

I’ve always managed to lead an active life. Sure you have ups and downs with weight management throughout your life, but I never thought it would happen to me. How wrong!!! I’ve always played sport but just been one of those guys that still carries the weight. Over the past 6 years I’ve seen an incline in my weight. It wasn’t until my wife got pregnant 12 months ago, I was joking around and said to some friends that I was going ‘pound for pound’ with her in weight gain. Oh dear- it happened! I blew out from 204 lbs to 229 lbs. The heaviest I have ever been. How did this happen?

I’ve tried a number of training programs over the years but never seem to get any further than 3 weeks in. The 4th week I hit that brick wall and it’s all over red rover.

My wife had suggested that we try Craig’s TT workouts as she felt I may enjoy them more and be able to focus on some realistic goals. She was right, the gym became my friend and I found a new love for hard work. I was able to focus on the core strengths and not just a result. ‘Good things come to those who wait’ I would keep saying. I never believed in the photo idea as I have only seen growth outwards. Well after 6 weeks of dedication and persistence I looked at my before and after photos and now ‘I believe’!

With thanks to Craig’s workout regime and my wife’s persuasion I can see a difference and now relish what the next 6 weeks will bring. I am even more determined to reach my goals and strive for inner balance.

I tried on a shirt the other day that I haven’t worn for years and it fit- wow! My wife promised to buy me a new wardrobe after the 12 week challenge if I met my goals. I’m looking forward to shopping….

I’ve been following everybody’s transformations on the forum- but am looking forward to being more interactive with the transformation team (TT)!

My Stats:
Height: 6’0
Age: 36
Measurements: Start/End (Change)
Weight: 229.0/213.0 (-16.0 lbs)
Body Fat: 29+/23.2 (-5.8+%)
Chest: 43.0/39.0 (-4.0 inches)
Waist: 42.0/35.5 (-6.5)
Hips/Butt: 47.0/43.0 (-4.0)
Thigh: 26.0/25.0 (-1.0)
Calf: 18.0/17.0 (-1.0)
Bicep: 15.0/13.5 (-1.5)
Neck: 15.5/14.5 (-1.0)

My Workouts:
-Original TT & Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks

My Nutrition:
-Tom Venuto (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle):
-50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat
-1 to 2 high calorie days per week
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