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Default Amazed at what 6 short weeks can do!

Back in undergrad I had no trouble at all getting to the gym and getting a good workout in 3 or 4 days a week (I even did Turbulence Training workouts sometimes). And then I graduated and started working 2 different jobs in my year off before medical school and started finding I had less and less time to make it to the gym regularly. Last August I moved halfway across the country, started school again and somehow managed to let my workouts slip further and further. It got to the point where Iíd make it to the gym only once every week or two. Something needed to change. That change I needed was the Turbulence Training transformation contest. I remember reading the email about signing up for it, and thinking that maybe it would help me re-establish my gym habits. And it has! Since week 1 of this transformation, I have consistently gotten to the gym for all of the workouts I planned and have re-ignited my love of weight training.

The accountability and support of the forums have been so incredibly valuable to my progress so far. In addition to sticking with my workout schedule, I have over the course of these first 6 weeks actually stuck to a diet plan (mostly) which I something I have NEVER in my life managed to do for more than 1 week. Iíve never before now actually stuck with logging my entire food intake for more than a few days either, and now Iím up to nearly 7 weeks of consistently tracking my food and calories using I know that none of this would have happened without the TT forums and the contest. Iím so very grateful for all of the support Iíve received on my journey so far!

For years now, Iíve had the goal of getting my measurements to be 34-24-34 inches for chest-waist-hips. Until recently I thought that this goal of mine would always just be a dream. That it just wasnít meant to be. For as long as Iíve cared about measurements and tracked mine, theyíve stayed pretty stable at 34-25-36 or 37. But after just half of this 12-week transformation, Iím realizing that it is possible. Turbulence Training combined with a sensible diet really does work! And diet really is KEY here Ė like Craig and Brad Pilon showed in their videos, you really canít out train a bad diet!

During these first 6 weeks Iíve done TT Gauntlet and the first 2 weeks of TT Ballyntineís Day Muscle Massacre. Nutrition wise, Iíve been using a 5 day cycle of 3 diet days, 1 full blown cheat day, and 1 24 hour fast day and have come to really enjoy the fasting days after getting over my initial struggles with fasting.

Day 1 (1/10/2011) Ė Day 42 (2/20/2011)
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 120.6 lbs Ė 118 lbs (-2.6 lbs)
Body Fat% (calculated using an average from the US Navy and YMCA circumference formulas): 20.99% - 17.49% (-3.5%)
Fat Mass: 25.3 lbs Ė 20.6 lbs (-4.7 lbs)
Lean Mass: 95.3 lbs Ė 97.4 lbs (+2.1 lbs)
Chest: 34 in- 33.5 in (-0.5 in)
Waist (smallest part): 25.25 in Ė 24 in (-1.25 in and at my goal that I really never thought was possible!)
Waist (at belly button): 27.5 in Ė 26.5 in (-1in)
Hip (widest part): 36 in Ė 34.25 in (-1.75 in)
Mid-thigh: 18in Ė 17 in (-1 in)
Upper Arm (flexed): 10 in Ė 10.5 in (+0.5 in)

Iím simply amazed at the changes Iíve accomplished in just 6 short weeks, and canít wait to see how 12 weeks turns out!
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