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Originally Posted by grrpurr75 View Post
STICK WITH IT no matter HOW many times you slip up, cheat, forget to work out, whatever... EVENTUALLY you will adopt and stick with the changes permanently! Better losing weight & fat slowly but surely, then messing up, giving up, and staying unhealthy! Heck it took me 8-9 weeks outta the last 12 to get in and STAY in the groove!! hehe
This has to be my number one "tip". Just keep going. Don't stop just because you missed a day or ate something bad. Even if you missed a decade or two and ate 10 tons of Whoppers, pick it up. Everyday is a freah start. Every minute. Never give up! Never Surrender!

I'm too new to have any other tips, except maynbe get support. Someone you are accountable to.
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