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Originally Posted by Gorilla-Strength View Post
I recently moved out of my apartment into the smallest apartment I have ever lived in. Its only 35 square meters. I had to move a lot of my stuff to my office. Its been a rough couple of days. I have only five days left for the competition. I kinda of regret not taking my pictures before I moved out. I haven't been eating well for the past couple of days. I might be able to get down to 182 lbs but I am not sure at this point. I can't even find my weight scale. Fortunately, I was able to find my workout clothes. I was doing so well at the time. Hopefully, I can get back on that horse quickly! I couldn't find my TT workout but I was able to find my internet modem. Life is totally different living without internet or cable. I watched a couple of movies. I watched The Informant, Oceans 13, and Adjustment Bureau. They are all Matt Damon movies by the way. If you want to know which movie I preferred I liked the Informant the best. I can't wait to see how the TT contest goes.
Sounds like the hotel room workouts may be in order!?
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