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Originally Posted by Gorilla-Strength View Post
Thanks goodness that I still know how to do basic math. I didn't have a calculator near by and started crunching some numbers. I wanted to calculate the amount of body fat that I had. There were several formulas online that I tried. Each of them came out with a different answer. I used the United States Navy body fat formula, Hugo Rivera's body fat formula, and Tom Venuto's body fat formula. I was anywhere from 18% up to 21% which was different from an online body fat calculator that I have been using. The range is acceptable but far from what I want to achieve. Some of them only ask for two things such as waist line measurement and the amount you weigh. Some go into a little bit more detail such as hips size and forearms size. Which body fat calculator seems to be the most accurate online?
I wouldnt worry about which one is better. You have to choose one and stick with it.

I dont really rely on one personally. All I measure is the waist on a weekly basis, and as long as its moving in the right direction theres little point worrying about an arbitary percentage.

youve got your own goal waist and it might be better to focus on reaching that and getting there and below it.
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