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Originally Posted by hotchocolate View Post
Hey guys

As tomorrow nears (well for me UK time) I am just wondering what nutrition strategies people have found the best in previous contests or are planning to use this time?

Basic clean eating
No/low carb
What is your preference?

A largely vegetarian diet (which include dairy and eggs) and ESE twice a week. I tried to eat whole foods (not processed and minimal cooking, e.g. no sauces) especially my fruits and vegetables. At each meal or snack I made sure there was at least one serving of fruits and vegetables.
Minimal liquid calories - no soda pop, no juices, limit alcohol (hard to me when traveling or socializing), limited milk
So breakfast - high fibre cereal, berries and a grapefruit
Snack - cottage cheese and an apple
Lunch - Big bowl salad
Snack - nuts and dried fruit
Supper - Varied based upon my wife but vegetable based often with chopped up raw veggies.
Usually no evening snack.

Helps me to win third place in category in the last contest.
Niagara Falls, ON
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