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Week 4 of Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks 2.0 complete. Now for my last 4 weeks.

I didn't loose any weight this past week but I did loose 0.25" around my belly.

I still haven't made my mind up which program I will start next for the next 4 weeks. I have done all the follow along workouts, so I have to find something I can do on my own. The programs I am considering is Gain Muscle & Lose Fat 2.0 (Nov. 2013), Meatheads Pump (Oct. 2013), March Madness 2.0 (Mar. 2014), Thermo 30 Gauntlets 3.0 (Feb. 2014) and finally 2K14 Guru Fat Loss (Jan. 2014). That is the order in which I am leaning toward at the moment. The main reason is that the first few in the list primarily follow a rep range and not timed sets. I know Craig suggested 2K14 but it has some complicated timed sets to set up and I didn't want to waste time switching the interval timer all the time.

One question I have is can I change the timed sets to rep based sets? For example, workout A of 2K14 exercise 1A is a squat for 40 seconds following a (2-0-1-0) tempo. So if I follow that tempo exactly, I should get around 13 reps. Is it ok to change a timed set over to a rep based set doing it this way? If so, it would make my life easier in a lot of the programs.

Another question I have about these workouts is about if I need to add a finisher at the end of them. The follow along videos had the finisher built in at the end, but on some of those programs it is not clear if the last circuit is a finisher style or not. Some I can certainly tell are, but some not so much. So, basically should I do a finisher at the end of some or all of those workouts?

Anyway, I have a lot of research to do today on my next workout program.

Have a great week!

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