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Default A question for Craig B

One thing I would like to ask.... when I look at the results people get from their 12 weeks of TT something that stands out for me is the difference in results. Is there a big reason for this? is it just the difference in people- at what stage they were at when they started- fitness levels etc or would it be more likely to be how well they have stuck to the nutritional and exercise side of things. Or a combination of everything?.
I'm guessing a combination of everything and that there could be alot of different reasons (all of the above and more) is the obvious answer but thought i'd ask as you see all of the pictures and read the essay's/see the before and after stats, can you pin point any obvious/not obvious differences?.

If you were to say two things that were the main reasons for the best results over the average results, what would they be?

Thank you :-)

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