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Originally Posted by Starbuck1517 View Post
Congratulations, Naomi! You deserve it for all the hard work you did! I showed my mom and sister your before and after pictures-trying to get them all doing strength training regularly-such an inspiration to see such great results in such a short period of time! I know you will have continued success with fitness and health in contest #9!
Just to be clear, I had all those muscles already. It's a bit weird that they don't show up at all in the before photo but the body fat does a great job of hiding them. I'd been working out well over 2 years and strength training at least 3x/week. The weights I lifted were always heavy. The key for me was leaning out. I had no clue that could be done that quickly, nor any concept of how much it would take to make a difference. It's still somewhat of a gray area for me.
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