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Thanks guys, for keeing my spirits up!

I am still here, but have not posted much lately, as the month of July was a mess. I lost track of the workouts and all. Does not mean I was idle On the contrary, I had probably strained myself. We have been on that 1 week active holiday (dancing and windsurfing), then a friend visited for a week. On that week, I had a hard TT workout, and the same day went to the swimming pool and had an hour of water gymnastics. Then I could already feel my knee. A few days later I had another workout, plus a whole night dancing in high heels - after that my knee was really in a bad shape, I was limping for days!

The next day we went to the thermal bath to relax, and there the masseur told me that I probably also neglected the Calcium-Magnesium supplements, and sure have not streched enough, because most of my large muscles, all leg muscles and my back are totally crampy - with the added effect of my weaker knee hurting a lot.

So I learned my lesson - LOTS of streching, the right supplements, and taking it a little more easy with exercises. And STRECHING before and after.

The knee was suffering from the very tight leg muscles, that pulled the joint together. A masseur told me so, and I could totally feel it.

Since then I strech every day, even when I dont work out. But last week, right after the crampy days, I caught some throat virus, probably stress related, and I was quite ill for 3 days. Fortunately, thanks to loads of herb tea and supplements, I already got out of it on the 4th day, only some caughing to clean up. During the illness I had no energy to work out, only to strech.

So I only had 2 TT workout (TT MRT2, day 2) since my knee issue, but also 2x an hour of pilates which is very good for elongating the leg muscles. And I was only riding once last week.

Now I am about to commence a TT workout, continuing on TT MRT 2.0 which I like a lot. Only issue is that the warmup sets are very long, but full of great bodyweight exercises.

There is still 3 weeks to go to the end of the contest - time enough to catch up and still have some significant improvement!

It is not going bad with nutrition: since the illness started, I have not drank any alcohol, and eat much less, also more healthy. I can already feel it, my stomach is more flat (the workouts also help of course), my weight started to slowly decrease again, compensating for the 2 weeks of out-of-control eating habits.

I started to eat more vegetables - salad, aubergine paste, fried beans. Also eating more fruits, partially from my own garden: berries, pears, apples and melon. Decided to juice every other day (I am lazy to wash the juicer every day).

So there is hope

Wish you all a great August, with large steps toward your transformation!
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