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Default Better late than never

I have discovered, to my disappointment, that I missed the deadline to submit my after essay and pictures to Transformation Contest # 6. It was Friday at midnight. Darn. Lesson learnt to put the deadline on my electronic calendar and post my after essay as soon as I can.

Still I will close the loop with the following write-up for my own benefit. This was my second Transformation Contest. I was pleased with all of the hard work that I did in TC # 5 and I looked forward to building on that in TC # 6. Unfortunately I have failed. Still I have learnt some lessons and I am already changing some of my habits to correct my mistakes.

In a nutshell I gained 5.2 kg of which only 1 kg was new muscle. I have added cm to my waist and lost on some of my limbs. Obviously this was not the intention of the contest.

I realized that I failed to plan and use all of the tools that TT has given me. In the second week of the contest I went on a three family vacation to France. While I tried to eat well I did not keep a food log and we drank a lot of wine (my brother-in-law works in the wine business). I found that being a tourist all day and then staying up late drinking wine with family left no energy for exercise, even body weight. I did some sessions in the garden but they were sporadic. Still I came back from the time away with greater flexibility as noted by my improved ‘fold’ yoga pose getting more of my palm onto the ground.

Upon my return to Canada I was playing catch-up at my job with all of the time that I was away. I travel a lot in my job so I was constantly on the road thereby eating poorly and missing my exercise sessions. Now I know how to solve those problems as I faced them in TC #5 but I did not plan properly. In addition I had some major commitments in my personal life that required my attention while I was at home.

I did not track my food in a journal nor on line. Since I was trying to gain muscles I was not worried about calories. That was a mistake. With my lower level of exercise and activity I should have been watching my calories.

Still along the way I continued to listen to Craig’s podcasts (They are free on iTunes and great to listen to while working out. I highly recommend them) and increased my knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

I have been changing some of my habits on the edges to correct my slippage. I now start my morning with a yoga, Salute the Sun, routine. I make sure I eat an apple a day. I call it my CB apple as he suggested such a habit on one of his pod casts. I have begun to drink decaf green tea. I am working on eliminating caffeine from my diet and limiting sugars including alcohol. I am now doing TT Hotel room workouts when traveling and I can’t get to the gym. I am getting more sleep both at home and on the road.

So I failed at TC # 6 but I have not given up. I have learnt from my mistakes and changes are already taking place.

So over the next few weeks I need to strip off some fat and get lean for a muscle gain when TC # 7 starts. Now which TT program to pick?

I have included some before and after shots to show not much of a change.

Current Stats
Age: 50
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Before / After
Mass: 77.4 kg (170.6 lbs) / 82.6 kg (182.2 lbs)
% B.F. 16.8 / 18.2
Based upon Tanita Electronic scale on standard

Based upon the results from the electronic scale I gained 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of muscle.

In cm
Neck 37.5 / 38
Chest 100 / 100
Waist 90.5 / 94
Hips 92.5 / 94
R Upper Arm unflexed 32.5 / 32
R Forearm unflexed 28.5 / 28
R Thigh unflexed 53.5 / 52.5
R. Calf unflexed 38.5 / 39.0
Niagara Falls, ON

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