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Originally Posted by galaxy View Post
Hi guys

thanks for your suppportive messages. Ion nice to see a friendly face back for another TT contest, I am sure you goint to rock, just like you have in the past. I always admired your fantastic dedication to your nutrition, it put my to shame sometimes!!

Anyway I said I would be back with my goals and measurements.

Measurements taken on 5 May:

arm girth relaxed 32cm (12.5")
Chest girth 90.1 cm (35.5")
Waist girth 76.0 cm (30")
Gluteal girth 94.3 cm (37.5")
thigh girth 59.5 cm (23.5")
calf girth 37.1cm (14.5")

BMI 27.1
waist/hip ratio 0.81
sum of 8 skinfolds 172.0mm
body fat 27.3%


Goals for first seven days:
log food every day on myfitness pal
lose 2lb
do TT workouts x 3 a week plus 3 x other activity

Goals for six weeks:
lose 7lb of weight
fit back in black jeans and feel good in them!
check and post TT forum at least 3 times a week (i need the support and inspiration)

goals for 12 weeks
lose 12lb of weight
wear brown skinny dress (and feel really good in it!)
enter 12 week comp

Ok guys there it is in black/white, I already have the goals stuck on my fridge door and I will write a post it at work for my desk.

A colleage at work does my skin folds and measurements, as I work in School of Sport and Exercise Science, so I have accountablity there and I will keep up with the forum so I have even more!

I am feeling better keeping up with the TT workouts and I have already done 1 fast this week and am doing another 1 today. I think ESE is the way for me, but I am also trying to eat more protein and more vegs at every meal too.

Ok that's it for now, need to check out your posts now.

hope everyone doing well

cheers for now Katie

How can your body fat be 27.3 and your weight 130? Are you super short? I just find that hard to believe.... Seems too high of a bodyfat for that weight.

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