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Default One month later, one month to go.

I've been away from a month, and while it's not like I'm heading home, this is a good point to stop and reflect on my workouts.

I live in Cameroon, and I don't have access to the gyms I'm used to. I'm back in America for a few weeks, and have joined my 75-year-old father at his hole-in-the-wall gym for his 6 a.m. workouts. He is amazing - he started a few years ago when he was having trouble hauling in fish during weekend fishing outings - and has a good routine for 45 mins, 5 days a week. He enjoys having me around, though we don't do the same activities, and I confess that when I did his set of 35 pullovers I was a little sore the next morning.

The gym is not fancy by any means, but worlds beyond what I have access to back home. I've reveled in using barbells, and access to dumbbells over 50 pounds. I've stuck pretty much to a couple of cycles of TT Super 6, though US travels have made that a little difficult at times.

I've maintained weight, maybe gained five pounds, this month. This is good, because I usually lose weight while traveling because my meal schedule is disrupted. More importantly, though, I see a healthier definition to my body. It one of those things where you sense the difference, though objectively it's not yet enough for anyone else to see. We all know that one.

But Skype is reassuring. Yesterday my wife, who's back in Cameroon, and I were chatting and she oohed about about my arms were buff. The challenge - hold that until I am back there next week. Or until the end of TT Contest 12. Or the rest of my life.

All in all, a good month.
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