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Originally Posted by BurntSox View Post
I hadn't realized this, but this is going to be tough ... I don't want to cut out the activities I've been doing! From pickup tennis games to a weekly free-for-all ultimate frisbee to weekend runs with friends, a lot of my socializing centers around athletic stuff... so throwing in concentrated workout plan is a bit hectic. It will fall in place in a week or two.

I can't get the hang of eating regularly. I did one of my patented, "Oh, I know why I'm hungry -- I forgot to eat breakfast!" routines around midday. While I resisted the quick fix candy bar, I've been hungry all day, chasing that meal I missed.

That said, the Bodyweight routine this morning was a good start to the day, and to this transformation contest.

Thanks for all the encouraging words. Once I find something concrete to ask, I'll post it.
Take some veggies or fruits and "eat before you eat" so to speak. The candy bar would have just made me hungrier!!!!!!!
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