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Originally Posted by gesunelson View Post
Yes, it's a terrible situation over there. Are you ok from a food/supplies perspective? My friends in Brissie (luckily not affected by the flooding) there were saying that as soon bread and milk got put on the shelves at the supermarket, it just all got bought up.

I saw the footage of the footbridge being guided down the river by the tugboat - all 300 tonnes of it. Unbelievable! Also saw footage of someone's house surrounded by water - you could see the walls, windows, roof all just fine. What was shocking was when it was pointed out that what we were looking at was the second floor of the house!

Keep safe and take care.
Thanks Gerry. Glad your friends are ok. Haven't been shopping for about a week, so not sure on what's going to be there when I go today. Was planning to go to the markets tomorrow to get some organic fruit and veges. Instead of going after 11am when Ted brings the prices down to half and less, I think it would be wiser to go real early.
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