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Originally Posted by brittanieb View Post
Waist is supposed to be at the smallest part. And I'm not 100% sure on where to take the shoulder measurement - but I'd guess like around the widest part of the delts - that's where I'm measuring it anyway. I know they said it on the thing I listened to but I don't remember. And for the hips - they actually gave a range for it in what I listened to - saying that the waist to hip ratio (waist measurement divided by hip measurement) should be somewhere between 0.6 to 0.8 based on their research - with the most commonly given ideal being 0.7. But they said that that ratio was the most variable of the 3 and depends more on your body and your preference than the other ones.
Thanks for the additional info. That all makes me feel better. I'm probably already close on the narrowest waist measurement then, I really have a narrow waist.

Also glad my big butt has some flexibility, lol!

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