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Originally Posted by missrobyn007 View Post
Thanks Neil, but I wasn't even chosen for the finals,,, so I'm a loser in another way in Craig's eyes, and that's not exactly a nice feeling when it's someone you've admired and respected. will look at that thread later.
No, you're not a loser, not in anyone's eyes, and I very much doubt CB would even think such a things.

Success and achievement is always very personal. I doubt others would not look to where you are now compared to where you came from and think that.

You say you struggle with the yo-yo dieting thing, and looking from the outside, I would say that is a bigger challenge than the 12 weeks of any contest. Once its over, I'd suggest you put a workout and nutrition journal on the workouts forum and post there. Maybe thats what could make all the difference once this one's out of the way.
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