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Originally Posted by neilg197 View Post
Hi Robyn

I seem to remember you telling me not to be disappointed because I didnt make a prize back in TC10. You've done so well these last 6 weeks.

Maybe, its time to focus on maintenance once this contest is over. Its far harder than these contests as we all, myself included, know all too well.

Youre lucky to have a happy home, I came close to losing mine last month for the most obscure of reasons. Perhaps you might like to look at the thread I've posted on the "green tea chat zone" forum, or Craig's latest post on TTfatloss.

Keep pushing on, TTers never, ever give up. We may take a step away to focus on other things but we never quit. Dont quit.
Thanks Neil, but I wasn't even chosen for the finals,,, so I'm a loser in another way in Craig's eyes, and that's not exactly a nice feeling when it's someone you've admired and respected. will look at that thread later.
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