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Originally Posted by debz0773 View Post
Chin up Robyn.. The good news is you are 20lbs lighter and the goal is the stay that way eh! It makes me worry for your health to keep gaining and losing so much in so little. We're all here to help you and not gain so much again. You'll find a way around the reno saga. There's always a way, as shitty as it might seem. Stick it out Robyn and fight the yo yo... we're here for you!
Yeah, mum worries too, and I was just telling my tradie about it and how I'm not going back to being fat 'cause I want a great body,,, lol... BTW, he's been a model. He's also going to come earlier when I change shifts. Said the only reason he wasn't was so I could get some more sleep. He's one of the nicest people you could meet.

Thanks for being here for me,,, just need Craig's support now,,, lol. Maybe, just maybe, someone has the answer as to why I do the yo-yo.
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