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Originally Posted by missrobyn007 View Post
Life is a rollercoaster. It was probably the best birthday I had, and then the next day as ,,,. Found out that Craig has NOT chosen me as a finalist as yet. Aren't we supposed to NEVER ever give up? I've NEVER given up trying to beat this yo-yo dieting thing, and I don't know if TT is a blessing or a curse, 'cause it makes it tooooo easy to lose the weight and tone up again. So when I fall off the wagon, I don't get too concerned,,, until it's too late that is and I feel and look horrible.

Also found out yesterday that the tiles I needed to match what tiling I've had done are a discontinued line, and no-one has them anymore.

PLUS, work announced that they are changing our hours from 4pm start to a 2:45pm start. Just when I got in the best reno/tradie I've had, and now I'm going to lose valuable time with him. He's so good, that he was recently on one of those reality shows and won the best renovator in Australia by the judges choice. And I have the privlege of him helping get my house done,,, finally. And now this happens.

So it's happened in threes. I'm not susperstitious, but,,, Let's hope that's it's 'cause now I am real close to giving up and just walking away from it all,,,, what's the point anyway?

Fabulous 44 one day, frustrated 44 the next.
Chin up Robyn.. The good news is you are 20lbs lighter and the goal is the stay that way eh! It makes me worry for your health to keep gaining and losing so much in so little. We're all here to help you and not gain so much again. You'll find a way around the reno saga. There's always a way, as shitty as it might seem. Stick it out Robyn and fight the yo yo... we're here for you!
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