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Default 10/6/14

Things are progressing nicely!

Didn't do the Football Field Workout Today because it is pouring down rain. I did get a 20 minute walk in and will go to the gym later with my taters. I'll do the FBF 444 tomorrow. All of my clothes are too big. I will have to buy a few things for substitute teaching. I have this pair of shorts that I've had for years.(they are from when shorts used to be worn at the waistline) They were my "goal".(back when I only had silly goals) I could not button them. They are now so big, that I'll be donating them this week!

I have one chapter of the NASM textbook left to read before I start over with the study guide. Today's chapter had a big section on Active Listening for the purpose of building a caring relationship. Good stuff and exactly what I've been working on!

Music practice only happens when I make it happen. No surprises there. My kids love to see me practicing my little tin whistle.

Our neighborhood is having a yard sale in 2 weeks. I hope to score some exercise equipment for the garage. I have quite a few things already, but want more.

All for now!Oh...I am finally getting rid of my Fred Flintstone telephone, so expect lots of pictures of dragon flies and lawn crews.
"She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks."Proverbs 31:17
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