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Originally Posted by DebbieD View Post
Pedometer on a Whippet???????? I'd need a new one everyday!!

I started TT2K10 this morning. Wow, I couldn't even finish the kettlebell swings at the end. I did 6 sets. Just when you think you're in good shape...

Speaking of kettlebells- what weight should I be looking to swing? The one I used was only 8 pounds. They only have a 6# and the 8#. Usually I'll just take a dumbbell and I know that's okay but still the weight? 8 seems too light.
Back in NJ. Florida was a nice break.

One of my 'deadlines' comes tomorrow and I'm not going to reach the goal I set. I was supposed to be 134.5 pounds on 1/21. Actually, I set that goal so that I would be sure to stay on track-which I did but it's not showing up on the scale. I don't care about the number, really! The only 'bad' thing I ate was some ice cream while at my parents house in Florida. One time. I was writing everything down but I put my little notebook down somewhere and about 10 days ago and stopped. I will start again today. Probably just too many calories for weight loss but just the right amount to stay the same and/or very SLOWLY have a composition change. This is the story of me in the last few years.
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