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Originally Posted by Craig Ballantyne View Post
Great stuff Debbie!
I missed Friday's workout so I did it yesterday and then yesterday's today. I didn't want to miss one in the first week. Sets a bad tone.

I've been wearing a pedometer just to see how many steps I can take in a day. I'm actually surprised how few steps a typical work day racks up. And I am the one in the office who is constantly getting up- mostly to go prepare a meal or go to the bathroom! (gotta hydrate, right?) Without a workout the step count is pathetic. Not even 3000. The good thing is that I figure a typical TT workout should be about 6000 steps. That's 20-30 min. weights and 20 min HIIT.

Last night I was 30 steps short of 10,000 before bed so while I was brushing my teeth I was marching in place. I guess I need to start walking the dogs more, huh?
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