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Originally Posted by neilg197 View Post
Awwww, thanks Miss G, that's very much appreciated.

When Craig put the link up on his FB someone commented "Neil looks freaking amazing"!!!! Praise indeed. Thanks for your support again. I know I've said it before, but I owe a lot of thanks to you and Gerry for getting me here. Just hoping I can get enough votes to get 1st place but making the finals is sweet enough and any prize money helps!!!
I saw that comment! That just shows what a transformation you have made.

I couldnt agree more, you and Gerry have been key for me sticking with this. I think you got yourself here! You were the one doing the workouts and sticking to your nutrition. Sometimes I think guys just 'get on with it' whereas us girls are led astray a bit easier with emotional/comforting eating, time of the month carb fests etc. But seeing you and Gerry just powering on through helped to keep me on track. I was like no way do I want these guys to see me falling off the wagon. I know blips happened to us all along the way but getting back on it was the difference this time. Without you and Gerry I dont think that wouldve happened. Thanks again for all the support. Has meant a lot.

I really want to help my mum and dad with losing weight. I worry about their health and I asked my dad to go tothe doctor get a check up and everything. I know some people look at us on the forum and think we are being extreme but it really does start with small steps. I was trying to tell them this at the wkend but I dont want to be nagging or preaching at them. I have helped my dad lose weight before but he put it all back on. I think its the shift in their mindset that hasnt happened. I will keep trying though.

Making the final is sweet to the beat but you're telling me about the prize money! When I cashed the cheque in for coming in third at the 6 wk mark, I couldnt believe I got 90 for basically working out and eating well. I thought this is awesome If only it was like that all the time!

I have no doubt you will be placed. Your photos show such a change. Good luck (not that I think you need it). I have everything crossed for you and Gerry!
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