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Thursday 6.30 36/84 Workout C
1A) Deadlift (10) long bar/25lbs/sd
1B) DB Alt Chest Press (8/side) 25lb ea
30s rest repeat 3x more
2A) 1-Leg Squat (10/side)
2B) DB 1-Arm CSR (8) 30lbs
30s rest, repeat 2x more
3A) Chin-up 2,1,1
3B) Dips machine assisted, 50lb, 13,12,11
Interval Training on Bike
3-minute warm-up at a 3/10 intensity level.
30 seconds at an 8/10 intensity level.
30 seconds at a 3/10 intensity level.
Repeat for a total of 6-10 intervals
5-minute cool-down at a 3/10 intensity level.
8x L3 rest, L13 work
Up to 50lbs on dead lift. BW dead lift will be a long time coming. Intervals were not very intense. Felt OK during WK, did my best. One more day, then new program.
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