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Monday 6.20 26/84 Workout A
1A) Barbell Split Squat (8/side) long bar+5lb/sd
1B) Underhand Inverted Row 12,12,12
2A) DB 1-Arm Push Press (8/side) 25lb DB
2B) DB Off-set Grip Reverse Lunge from a Deficit (12/side) 16kg KB
3A) DB/KB High Pull (8) 12kg KB
3B) SB Rollout/(12)
3C) Dec C-G Pushup 12,12,12
3D) MB Chop (15/side) front only, 20lb DB, 15,15,15
30s rest, repeat 2x more
4) C-S BW Squat (20sec-10sec) 8x
Increased weights on squats, press and reverse lunge. Tried 16kg high pull, not happening. Fasted 18 hrs yesterday, then ate too much. Have to stop that behavior.
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