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Sorry you're injured but I'd echo all the advice you've already had

- keep working at the nutrition (I know when I get injured and discouraged then that's when I'm most likely to drink a bottle of Shiraz and eat a kilo of jelly babies!!)

- jprev came up with some excellent ideas to maintain a level of fitness - ideal

- although the timing sucks, it is still a minor setback in the grand scheme of things

- Catherine made a very good point re visualisation. There is evidence that relaxation/visualisation can assist in healing injuries. Once you are in a relaxed and receptive state you visualise something that for you would signify a healing force at the site of the injury eg white light. (I have written a report on mental training skills that covers visualisation for athletic performance in it that I could send you. The principles are the same)

- now you're limited to one finger typing, it gives you the opportunity to experience what some of us spend our entire lives doing!!

Get well soon!!
Chris Curtis
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