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Maybe is the day when you weight yourself not the best day in the week. During last TT contest I discovered that I weight the most on Monday and as the week progressed my weight would drop. Sometimes it could be more than 2 kg difference between Monday weight and Wednesday weight. Very depressing! Then I figured that it was because I was eating more carbs on the weekend and also had more strenuous workouts (long run) than during the week. Also my fluid intake was lower. During the week I'm at work and I drink herbal and green tea all the time so I easily drink more than 2 liters just during 8 hours at work. But on weekends I easily forget to drink and sometimes I don't even drink 2 liters during the whole day. How much do you drink? Try also with nettle tea - it has diuretic effect and it might help you if you are just retaining water.
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