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Originally Posted by evenstar74 View Post
I usually get Fage or Trader Joe's brand Greek yogurt, they have 2% and 0% fat plain - then I add a little honey to sweeten it, and mix in some fruit or berries. But, if I remember right, you're not in the U.S., so it might be hard to find lower fat brands. And there's nothing wrong with full fat yogurt, I just don't eat it because it's higher in calories, and I like to get fats from a variety of other foods.

Most people recommend fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, and fish. Here's a good article about the different types of fat, and why we really need all of them, even the ones that people used to say were bad:
Thanks for the info and the link, I will take a look, although it's saying I need to be a member to look at the articile, but will check it out.

I would prefer to have low fat yoghurt, I have avoided greek yoghurt because I know it's hight in fat, unfortunatley in NZ they don't have as much choice with low fat stuff. There is a lite version, but it has added sugar! So not sure if that's any better.

I am getting very frustrated at the lack of weight loss, am going to post on the fat loss section again and ask Craig some more questions.

thanks again for your supoort Cheers Katei
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