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Originally Posted by ma View Post
Congratulations Naomi, wonderful job.....You deserve your win, all the hard work and the inspiring way you helped others with their transformations.........

Thanks, Ma! Trying to get friends to sign up. Another one did today.

Today's workout was FPFL. There are 4 types of workouts in this program: lactic acid, density, strength, and something else. You do one of each per week. I think this was lactic acid but I forget and don't wanna bring up my spreadsheet now. The thing that's cool/wonky about this particular workout is the timing. For example, the squats were 1 second down, 3 seconds up. The lunges were like that too. Boy, is that a hard way to do lunges. By the third time thru, I was really struggling to get to end. It was walking lunges, just 12 reps each leg and I only had 15 pound weights but I was dragging!

And the last superset was too much for me. I am really going to have to work on abs. One of the exercises was a hanging leg raise. I could not do this even one time with straight legs and it was supposed to be 2 seconds up, 2 down. I did knee ups. I sure hope that was close enough. And even so, I had to take a few breaks before getting to 10 reps. So yeah, a really weak point for me, obviously. I was already thinking that an abs workout would be on the agenda for the next TT workout. I am thinking I need to really push the abs stuff more. So if a plank is 30 seconds, I need to do at least a minute.

I just found out my gym has a kind of ab roller thingy behind the desk today so I used that a little. That would be easier if my shoulder wasn't still bothering me! Still can barely do one single pushup and it's been ages. I am now waiting for someone to get back from a week long zumba convention so she can work on my shoulder. She comes highly recommended and it's really time to start paying attention to getting this healed.
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