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It's been a few years since my life changing win here. I am not sure how much longer I have free membership so I just wanted to pop in with a few thoughts.

1. I remain ever grateful for what I learned here. Calories. Shorter but worthwhile workouts. Form. Excellent workouts. Support.
2. I have maintained my metrics, physique, health (with a few setbacks in 2012 when I pushed it too hard), improved sleep/reduced stress.
3. I have begun to allow my learnings of how to succeed to spiral into other areas of positivity in my life; I feel more successful as a person and much more hopeful than I have in over a decade about the rest of my life. I am 49 so this is amazing.
4. Maintenance is work. Each year, I have lost some ground in December but this year, I've attended all events and maintained. I love that I can keep improving.
5. I am using ideas from the workouts to run some bootcamps for moms with babies (babies optional). Super helpful and grateful for having had access to all these workouts so I can provide this service to my local community! I love inspiring others and paying it forward.

Always challenge yourself and set goals. If you are not working towards something, you are stagnating or back sliding.

But don't take on too much at once. I have learned to pick an area and really immerse myself in it, basically as I did each of the 12 week contests I entered.
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