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Hi everyone, didn't have much time to post today. Total calories for today:1500-1400- not too much time to eat, was very busy.

06.05.2010-Workout B

BW Warmup

1A) DB Split Squat 3x16kg-8 reps-ok
1B) Stability Ball Rollout 3x10 reps
2A) DB RDL 16kg-8 reps
2B) BB Squat&Press 50kg-6 reps, 52.5kg-6 reps, 55kg- 6 reps- had to look for a 6 rep weight, stick with it next time, maybe add 1 kg
3A) DB Squat 3x16kg-12 reps
3B) Stability Ball Jackknife 3x15 reps
3C) Side Plank 3x45 seconds- hard after all this ab work...
Tomorrow- some outdoor sprints and wkt A.
Have a nice evening everyone,
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If only, if only it were so
The emptiest words that there’ll ever be:
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