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Thanks for the note, KittyR. Yes, I want to try TT#7.

I did miss one TT workout last Wed and no workout Thursday; but other than that, I've followed all my workouts. I was able to do the workout last Monday, even. I'm grateful for that.

I'm hoping to just do well on nutrition for this last week I have. I'll keep up the workouts -
I'm doing TT fusion fat loss for intermediates right now.

I know I'm not achieving my goals for this 12 week contest, but next time I'll focus more on the nutrition posting daily so that I will be accountable and not slide.

I know I'm stronger at least, but my pictures and the numbers won't be that great this time around, so I'll just have to work harder next time.

Well, I can't eat any nuts for a month because of the wisdom teeth removal, so that should help one thing at least.
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