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Originally Posted by pageboy9 View Post
Ahhh, the dog days of summer. Hang in there transformers, and I wanted to mention that I've mailed in all of my TT certification materials, Gordon Studio is on schedule to open on Sept. 4th, and I have clients who are eager to join the next contest. Pardon the self-interest, but I'm sincerely hoping that they will have a TT Transformation #15 to enter.

In other news, Van and I took our son and two friends to Six Flags last weekend. Two days in the park surrounded by junk food, and I lost a pound- hooray! I brought in beef jerky and apples, ate a burger with no bun, and looked on smilingly while my husband and three 11 year old boys ate funnel cakes in front of me. No problem. Once I get off the addictive foods for about a week they just don't have their hooks in me anymore.

Loving TT Power by the way.
That's AWESOME news! I love it

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