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Default 26th Contest Winners Are...

The results are in!

It was another incredible contest with amazing results and heart felt essays.

Job well done to every single person who entered into the contest.

Winners of the 26th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest are as follows:

Category: Men under 40

First Place: Joey
Second Place: Brad

Category: Men over 40

First Place: Mike
Second Place: John
Third Place: Jim

Category: Women under 40

First Place: Emily
Second Place: Melissa
Third Place: Kelly

Category: Women over 40

First Place: Kim C.
Second Place: Kim G.
Third Place: Vici

The prizes awarded for each category are:

1st Place - $1000 plus a 3-Year Platinum TT Membership
2nd Place - $500 plus a 2-Year Platinum TT Membership
3rd Place - $250 plus a 1-Year Platinum TT Membership

Here's the Link to see the results:

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. The next TT Transformation Contest begins August 28th. And the Pro Category will be back!

WINNERS - please contact Lesa at Lesa will set you up with your prizes!
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