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Default Winners of the 19th TT Transformation Contest!

Drum roll please….

The $1000 + 3 Year Platinum Membership prize winners of the 19th TT Transformation Contest part 1 & 2 are…

Part 1

Men Under 40: Matt Allain!

Men Over 40: Greg Gill!

Women Under 40: Kim Miswald!

Women Over 40: Robin Goins!

Men Pro: Eduardo Urias!

Women Pro: Jenelle Ford!

Part 2

Men Under 40: Paul Betz!

Women Under 40: Renee Hancock!

Women Over 40: Sharon Smales!

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in the 19th TT Transformation Contest! Your transformations were all amazing and it makes me so happy to see your results.

If you want to see who the $500 and $250 prize runners up were, and all the pictures of our amazing contest winners, go here =>
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